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How to Upload Photos to Google Photos

Picasa has been taken over by Google Photos. Google Photos is more popular than its predecessor – Picasa. Although, you can still use the Picasa desktop application. You can use it to upload photos to Google Photos. This way you can upload photos to Google Photos more organised. One can also share that update to Google+. Google+ is a social media networking platform like Facebook. Users can follow each other, create groups and pages like all social media networks. Of course, there are also other methods rather than using Picasa application.

How to Upload Photos to Google Photos Using Picasa Application on Desktop?

  1. Launch the Picasa application on your PC.
  2. Then, look to the right corner of your browser. You will see the Sign in with Google Account option.
  3. Click on that and the Google Login window will pop up.
  4. So login with your Google aka Gmail account.
  5. You can upload the pre-existing albums to Google Photos. Or add an entirely new Album.
  6. To do so, click on the File on the top left corner.
  7. Click on New Album when a Menu appears.
  8. Type in your Album name and click on OK. Or simply press the Enter key when you are done typing.
  9. Then, locate the pictures on your PC.
  10. Start dragging them into the Album on the Picasa application. It will show when the uploads to the Application is finished.
  11. Click on Back to Library button on the top left corner.upload photos to google photos from picasa
  12. Then, highlight the Album by clicking on the Album name.
  13. Next, click the green Upload to Google Photos button on the mid bottom.
  14. The Upload to Google Photos and Optionally Share to Google+ Window will appear. So click on Upload button there.
  15. Now, you have officially shared photos to Google Photos from Picasa.

The other method is to use the web browser on your desktop. You would have to use the Google Photos official website for this.

How to Upload Photos to Google Photos From The Web Browser?

  1. Type in photos.google.com in the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Press the Enter key to load the page.
  3. Click on the blue GO TO GOOGLE PHOTOS button.
  4. So sign into your Google Account.
  5. Then, your Google Photos page will load.
  6. Click on the UPLOAD option on the top right corner.
  7. Locate your images on your PC.
  8. You can upload several images at once so highlight as many as you want. Then, click on Open.
  9. The Upload size option will pop up. Hence, select between the two choices given. Now, click on Continue.
  10. After that, the (-) items uploaded window will pop up.
  11. You can now click on ADD TO ALBUM or SHARED ALBUM. Or simply just ignore it.upload photos to google photos from web browser

You can also share photos to Google Photos from your mobile phones. Make sure you have downloaded the app for your smartphones first. It is free to download.

How to Upload Photos to Google Photos From Your Mobile?

  1. Launch the Google Photos app.
  2. Then, sign into your Google account if you have not.
  3. Next, select the images you wish to upload by tapping on their thumbnails.
  4. After that, the Share icon will appear on top. So click on that.
  5. You can add those images to a New Shared album or Add to shared album.
  6. The other options you see are not for uploading to Google Photos. You can use any if the above is not your intention.
  7. The Uploading sign will appear.
  8. If it is a new album, type in a name. Next, tap on Done.upload photos to google photos on mobile

The above are the methods on how to upload photos to Google Photos. Please refer for more Picasa and Google Photos related articles. Please leave us a feedback so we can continue to serve as an online community. Or leave us your queries and we will be happy to help if we can.