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How to Use Picasa Online Photo Editor

We have mentioned in our previous articles that you can edit photos in Picasa. These editorials that you can do with Picasa is minimal. It is like photo editing that you can do on Instagram. On Instagram, you usually do it before you post the pictures. Using Picasa online photo editor will require you to upload the photos first. You can also upload photos to the application directly from your Camera. This action will then help you to organize them in folders on your PC. To use the Picasa Online Photo Editor, you need to be online. This would also mean you need to open your web browser.

How to Use Picasa Online Photo Editor:

  1. Make sure you have already shared your Picasa Photos.
    1. You can do so by running the desktop Picasa application.
    2. Sign into your Google Account when the Google Login window appears.
    3. Select the photos or albums you wish to upload to Picasa Web Albums.
    4. Those pictures will then appear on the Picasa online webpage.
    5. If you need more help, you can refer to How To Share Picasa Photos article.
  2. On the opened web browser, go to picasaweb.google.com.
  3. Your homepage for your all your Picasa albums will load.
  4. Click on the Album’s thumbnail which contains the picture you wish to edit.
    • You should remember you can only edit one image at a time.
  5. Once the pictures in the albums loads, click on the thumbnail of that particular image.
  6. You can then see the Full Screen, Share, Prints and Actions button in the same row.
  7. Click on the Actions button and then Edit in Google+ from the Menu that appears.
  8. A Google+ Tab will automatically load on the side of your opened Tab.
  9. Proceed to click on the Edit option to start using Picasa Online Photo Editor.
  10. A Loading editing tools… window will appear.
  11. Three editing options Menu will appear – Auto Enhance, Basic Adjustments and Creative Adjustments.
  12. Auto Enhance will enhance your pictures in the best way possible without you having to do anything.
    • You can see what it does by simply clicking on the Customize option.
    • Apply the enhancements if you wish.
    • You can opt out if you wish to leave the picture as it is.
  13. For Basic Adjustments, you can basically edit the image further.
    • Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted with Tune Image.
    • Selective will let you adjust the Focus of your image.
    • Details will let you adjust the Sharpness and Structure of your picture.
    • Crop will let you crop your pictures and let you keep the portion of the picture you want.
  14. Creative Adjustments are adding about Filters to your picture.
    • You can choose from eight Filters that are there.
    • You can also adjust the amount of Filter you wish you apply.

picasa online photo editor

This is how Picasa online photo editor works. It works in harmoniously with Google+. Hence, you must be signed into your Google account before use.