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Steps to Do if You Forgot Picasa Password

Picasa is a photo sharing website provided by Google. You can use this website to store photos online. You will also get the options to share it to Google+. They will be shown if you set them to Public viewing. You will require your Gmail aka Google account to use Picasa web. The web URL for Picasa Web is You can also use the desktop Picasa application. One can log into your Google account to share photos. If you forgot Picasa password, you can easily reset it. Basically, doing so will be like the Gmail password recovery method.

How to Reset Password if You Forgot Picasa Password:sign in with google account

  1. On the Picasa application, click the Sign in with Google Account link. This link is on the top right corner.
  2. Proceed to type in your username or full Gmail address.
  3. Next, click the blue Next button.
  4. On the Password page, click the Forgot Password? link.
  5. You will be asked to type in your last Password you remember.
    • After you type it in, click on Next.
    • Then, you might be asked to type in your account creation month and year. If you cannot remember, click the Try a different question link.
    • You can do that until you get a Question you can answer.
    • The best is to choose to give your recovery email address.
    • Then, after clicking Next, check that email for a Google Verification code.
    • Type in that code and click on Next.
    • Create and type in a password. Type that same password in the box below.
    • Finally, click the Change Password button.
    • This is one method, there is another method if you forgot Picasa password.forgot picasa password
  6. If you can’t remember any password, click the Try a different question link.
    • You will be asked to provide your recovery email address.
    • Then, click the Send button to continue.
    • Look in that recovery email’s inbox for the Google Verification code.
    • Type that in and click on Next.
    • You will be asked to create a new Password for Picasa. Type that same password in the two boxes provided.
    • Click the Change Password button.
    • You have successfully reset your Picasa password.recovery email picasa
  7. The above two steps are what you can do if you forgot Picasa password.
  8. If you used a phone number for recovery options, you will get an SMS instead.

Then, start using the Picasa application as it is. You can also do it from the web browser. If you need aid, you can refer to our Gmail password recovery section given in the link. Hence, do not fret if you forgot Picasa password. You can reset your password as long as you remember the above methods. Please leave us a feedback so that we can always provide the best material on Picasa on our site.

How To Email Photos from Picasa Application

Picasa Web is the website where you upload and share photos online. You will get 1 GB of free cloud storage space to host those images. Basically, you can sign up for the service for free. You will just need a Gmail account. Or you can easily create one by following the Gmail Sign Up article. You can also download the Picasa applications for free. Using that, you can email photos from Picasa application. This way, you do not need to go to Picasa Web on your web browser. You can email these photos to family and friends. Or you can email them for business purposes.

How To Email Photos from Picasa Application:

  1. Launch the Picasa application on your PC.
  2. The application can take a while to load.
  3. Locate the picture you want to send. Then, select its thumbnail on the application.
  4. On the top left, click on File.file menu
  5. Then, on the Menu that opens, click Email… Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E.
  6. A dialog window will open. It will ask you whether Use your default email program or Use my Gmail or Google account.
  7. Just click on the Use my Gmail or Google account button.
  8. Then the Google sign in window will sign in on picasa
  9. Type in your Gmail username or the full Gmail address.
  10. Click Next and then type in your password.
  11. Click on Sign in and you are logged into your Gmail account on Picasa.
  12. Then, type in the email address.
  13. You can change the subject of the email. You can also add your message in the Message box.
  14. Click on the Send photos from picasa
  15. The Email Sent notification will appear in the corner.
  16. This is how you can email photos from Picasa application.

You can also use your preinstalled email client to send those photos. However, it will take a longer process to set Google account up. So make sure you have a Gmail account first. Next, use that to email photos from Picasa. You can also send other email users like Yahoo and Hotmail users from the Picasa application. You do not need to use the web browser to email photos from Picasa. However, you do need an internet connection to do this.

Picasa Photo Viewer for Viewing Picasa Photos

Picasa is google online archive for photo storage. It was created by Lifescape and acquired by Google in 2004. It also comes as a software application on the PC. Basically, it a freeware and you also use it for free on the web. To access Picasa web, all you need is a Google Account. You can also use various Picasa photo viewer software to view your Picasa uploads. Users can also use the Picasa application to organise or edit their photos. Picasa photos will also appear on your Google+ profile. So make sure to change privacy settings if you do not want the Public to see your uploads.

What are Some Picasa Photo Viewer Softwares?

  1. The top list on the list is the Picasa application. You can easily download this for your Windows XP and above. You can also download it Picasa 3.0 beta version for Linux. For Mac users, you can use for Mac OS X and above. This will also allow you to upload and share photos to Picasa right from your desktop. Those pictures will then appear in the Picasa album archive, Google Photos and your Google+ Profile.
  2. Next is the PIcasa HD. It is the Picasa photo viewer for your W8 tablet. You can easily look through your Picasa photos and create slideshows of them. You can also upload and share photos to family and friends. This is without visiting the web address from your web browser.picasa photo viewer picasa hd
  3. Another is the Imagine Picture viewer software. This application is very much like your Windows Photo viewer. The added bonus is you can edit those pictures you view on this application. This software works on Windows 7 & above. Users can then share those images on Picasa, Flickr, Twitpic and ImageShack.
  4. Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer is another such application. It is also a Picasa photo viewer application. You can also use the editing tools that is inbuilt. There is also the inbuilt browser tool in the application. You can then search for images from there. Then, upload and share those pictures on Picasa, Flickr, Facebook or send them via email on MSN.
  5. The last is the Google Photos Desktop Uploader. You can organise and enhance your Photos automatically on that app. This is also an application for your mobile phones. Then, you can upload it to Google Photos. These uploads will also appear on Picasa album photos desktop uploader

All the above mentions are freewares you can download. You can download from websites like Softonic, Cnet or You can also refer to our website for other Picasa queries you might have.