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How to Create in Picasa Application | Picasa Create

The Picasa Web was google’s photo hosting website. Today, the service is discontinued and it has been taken over by Google Photos. The Picasa web can be located at This is pretty much an Album Archive for Google users now. You can however still use the Picasa application to its full extent. You can also upload to Google Photos from the application. Users can also use the Picasa Create feature on the application. Then, they can share or save it on their PC. You can also email individual photos from the Picasa application to family and friends.

How to Create in Picasa Application:

First, you will need to launch the Picasa application on your PC. This can be located by clicking on its shortcut. This shortcut can be located on the Startup Menu or your Desktop. Make sure the pictures you wish to use on Picasa Create are on the Picasa Application. If not go to File, choose to Add Folder to Picasa or Add File to Picasa. Or you can Import From Picasa or Import from Google Photos. Make sure the files appear in the Picasa Application. Then, Select by clicking on the Album name in Picasa application.picasa create menu

  1. To Create a Poster: Click on Create and on the Menu, click on Make a Poster. Select the Poster size from 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%, 600%, 700%, 800%, 900% or 1000%. Next, select the Paper size between 10×15 or 20×25. If you want the pictures to overlap, tick the box next to Overlap Tiles. You can save that or share it to your Google Photos.picasa create a poster
  2. To Create a Picture Collage: Click on Create and click Picture Collage. Then, you can change the Background of your collage to a Solid colour. Or select Use Image and it will pick any random image to make its background. Then, select the Page Format or you can choose the Custom Aspect Ratios or set your own. Then, choose to Draw Shadows and Show Captions. You can now set the Collage to be your Desktop Background or simply save by clicking Create Collage.picasa picture collage
  3. To Create a Screensaver: Click the Picasa Create button. Then, click the Add to Screensaver. Click on Yes to make it your PC’s screensaver.
  4. To Create a Gift CD: Make sure that you have a Writeable CD in your CD-Rom Drive. You then add more images. Name the Gift CD if you want. You can also Include Slideshow or Include Picasa to your Gift CD. Click the Burn Disc button and you are ready to burn that CD. Make sure you do not open the CD-Rom drive while burning your CD drive.picasa gift cd
  5. To Create a Video: Click the Picasa Create button. Then hover your mouse over Video in the Create Menu. You can make videos in three methods. You can make it From Selection, From Faces in Selection or From People Albums.
  6. With this Picasa Create feature, you can also publish to your Blogger Account. Make sure you have an active Blogger account. Then, click the Publish to Blogger and your pictures will be published to your blog.

This Picasa Feature is great for using the creative side of the Picasa application. You can also do so much more on the Picasa application. You refer to our Picasa Application Download article to get help on downloading that application.

How to Use Picasa Tool on Android

Picasa is mainly used by users on their PC’s web browser. This will let you upload and edit the photos you share to Picasa. Picasa Tool is the application to use Picasa on Android phones. You can find that this application will also let you connect yourself to Google Photos. is your photo sharing website like Photobucket or Imgur. Google has dropped the use of Picasa and shifted to Google Photos. You can however find that whatever new uploads you make to Picasa Web Albums will appear in Google Photos as well. Using Picasa Tool on Android devices will also work in the same way.

How To Get Picasa Tool On Android ?

  1. This application can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store.Picasa tool
  2. Once, you have the Android app up and running, Tap on its icon.
  3. This icon can be found on your phone’s home screen or inside the Menus.
  4. When the Picasa Tool loads, on your phone, Tap the Sign In option.
  5. This Sign In option is on the bottom of your screen.
  6. Enter your Google Login details that is your and password.
  7. Then Tap on the Allow option to start using the application.
  8. So you can see that your Picasa Web albums will load on login.

How To Use Picasa Tool on Android:

  1. You can Save the picture from your Albums to your phone.
    • To do, you must click on the Picture and wait for it load.
    • Tap on the Picture and other Options will appear.
    • Click on the Icon which on the top right corner of your screen.
    • Tap on Save to save the Picasa photo to your mobile.
  2. You can also create a Picasa Web Album in the Picasa Tool.
    1. Tap on the icon on the top right corner of your screen.
    2. Tap Create Album and options for creating it will appearing.
    3. Type in a desirable name for your Photo album.
    4. You can uncheck the box next to Private.
    5. This will make your album Public so that everyone can view it.
    6. Tap OK and your album will be created.
    7. You can then start adding photos from your mobile.
    8. Remember all these uploads will appear on Picasa Web and Google Photos.
  3. You can then start tagging people with their Google+ profiles.
  4. Change the audience by choosing to share with your Circles or Public.

Picasa Tool logged in

This is how useful this Picasa app android is when you do not want to use your PC. You can also edit your photos from the application.